My speech about „The future of …“ Collaboration – How agile cooperation models substitute classical client/vendor relationships

Last two days I was at conference ONE and „The future of..“ in Zurich while  I gave a speech about „The future of collaboration: How agile cooperation models substitute classical client/vendor relationships“.-There were several other very interesting speeches about newest trends in technology, biology, culture,

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How important is consideration of cultural differences in Scrum Teams?

One of most important thing in Scrum is forming a self organized team. Do you consider cultural differences while social integration of team members and how do you know them in advance? Especially in distributed Scrum Teams the local and

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Are Scrum Members compatible with line Organization?

Scrum changes working culture of the team members fundamental, or as Henrik Kniberg from said: „Scrum Teams are designed to feel like a mini-Startup“. But is this still compatible with traditional line Organization?   All companies I know, that run Scrum, still have

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Shared vs. dedicated Scrum Master in distributed Teams

No matter if you’re running a distributed Scrum or not you’ve to find balance of sharing most experienced Scrum Masters over multiple Teams and facilitating a scrum Team the best.   Each team has to have a Scrum Master in

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Does Scrum generate a Project Overhead?

In project negotiations I’m sometimes getting told that Scrum is not an option at customer side as cooperation model. From Customer point of view Scrum generates a management overhead, by a lot of additional meetings and customer doesn’t have whether capacities, nor won’t pay

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Why Scrum is that successful – Another perspective

I recently talked with a Scrum Newby about why scrum is that successful and what makes the difference. I explained him that based at an instrument he knew, the task force. A task force is a temporary grouping of best

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Double O Model – How a Product Owner can escape the hungry Beast Scrum

As Richard Stinear mentioned  recently  „Scrum is a hungry Beast, that wants to be feed constantly by Product owner“. Lets see how Product Owner could escape this end-less-loop. Gabrielle Benefield recently published by Twitter the Double O Model (see graph below). As I understood it will be part

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